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GFD II round-up

12th October 2015 |by gfd testology | 0 Comments | Events


What a night! The second instalment of Guild for Developers has now been and gone.

Drinks were consumed, food was fought over, friends were made and old colleagues were connected once again. It’s tempting to start counting down the days until the next GFD but first, we thought we’d round up this one.

GFD II saw the number of attendees triple compared to the first event in August. That’s an amazing response from the Guildford development community and in our opinion, proof positive that an event like GFD has its place there. We’re looking forward to watching it grow even more.

There was a conversation for everyone in All Bar One on Friday. The 112 attendees were made up of people from 34 different development studios (15 from Guildford alone), 10 service providers, 3 YouTube channels and even local government and university representatives.

There’s no need to take our word for it though, have a look at what the people on the ground had to say about the evening:

The next event is due to take place on the 22nd January. Please do keep an eye on our twitter channel for further details. You can help us to turn GFD into more than a networking event by linking us to news articles and press releases about digital content coming out of Guildford, we’ll be sure to share it with the growing audience.

Until next time!


Develop Online give GFD some love

30th September 2015 |by gfd testology | 0 Comments | Events | ,

Our friends over at Develop Online were kind enough to write up a little piece about GFD recently, we thought we’d share it with you.

Take a look at the article here

Both James Batchelor and Charlotte Nangle from NewBay Media will be joining us for a few beers on the 9th October.
If you spot them at the bar, make sure to say hello and talk to them about putting your content in front of their readers.


Guildford aka Hollywood

11th September 2015 |by gfd testology | 0 Comments | Events

It may look like an unremarkable British town, but behind the nondescript facade lurk some of the most talented artists and developers in the world

Equidistant from the thronging metropolis of London and the rural tranquility of the South Downs, Guildford has birthed some of the most profound creative works of our time. PG Wodehouse was born and baptised there. Lewis Carroll completed Alice Through The Looking-Glass there. And let’s not forget that Mike & the Mechanics filmed the video to their seminal 1995 No 12 hit Over My Shoulder – starring Tony from Hollyoaks, remember – in the neighbouring borough of Waverley.


Guild for Developers – The first gathering

11th September 2015 |by gfd testology | 0 Comments | Events

Guildford is home & office to some of the best Games Industry talent in the UK and that’s no secret.

Stuart Heritage of The Guardian recently described our self-effacing pseudo-city as the ‘centre of the known gaming world’ and we believe that statement to be as deserved as it is grandiose.

Testology might be based in neighbouring Aldershot but our existence is owed to Guildford’s development scene of the late 80’s. Andy Robson (Founder of Testology) was given his first job in the Games Industry then at Bullfrog, running the QA for titles such as Dungeon Keeper, Populous & Theme Park.

Since those days we’ve seen Guildford foster talent to such a degree that games including LittleBigPlanet, Godus, The Room, God Finger, and (soon) No Mans Sky were first thought up here before capturing the worlds imagination.

Guildford’s certainly got the credentials but recently we worked out that there was something missing. The people who make this industry deserve a place to gather and… well… drink beer.

On Friday 10th July ‘Guild for Developers’ was born. A social event created to bring together the Guildford videogames community. A place for old friends to catch up and for new friends to be made. A place for members of all digital industries to converge and have the opportunity to share knowledge.

It was a pleasure to see more than 50 devs & friends of Testology take over All Bar One in Guildford. Here’s what some had to say;








Guild for Developers is something that we’ll run every few months. After everyone had such a good time on Friday, we’ve already set the date for the next one. It’ll be Friday 9th October in a venue TBC.

We need your help to get as many of Guildford’s developers at the next event as we can. We want to celebrate all of the local digital industries so anyone from Digital Media agencies, non-game app studios or Gambling companies are more than welcome too. Please spread the word and let us know who should get an invite for the next one.

Thanks again to everyone that came on Friday, keep on making Guildford great!