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GFD VII Raises an incredible £1700 for Special Effect!

24th May 2017 |by jourdain | Comments Off on GFD VII Raises an incredible £1700 for Special Effect! | Events

GFD VII continued the tradition of growing with each instalment in March, as we welcomed more than 170 people through the doors of All Bar One for an evening of networking & merriment.

Somewhere in-between the 905 drinks that were enjoyed, we managed to raise more than £1700 for Special Effect! Enough to change multiple lives for the better, through levelling the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

We would like to give a special shout-out to the person who ordered a single cup of tea. It wouldn’t have been a British games industry event without you.

Our next event will be on Friday 30th June, let us know whether you’d like to be there by submitting your details through the ‘guest list request’ form on the GFD homepage.

Special Effect are celebrating 10 years of changing lives through play in 2017. They’re hoping to enter their biggest ever team into The British 10K run.

Help them to make it happen by getting involved on 9th July.


GFD IV Roundup

5th May 2016 |by jourdain | 0 Comments | Events

A massive thank you to everyone that joined us for GFD IV last Friday!

Running alongside the final Lionhead hurrah had a noticeable effect in the middle of the evening but that’s completely understandable, quite right actually.

Guildford’s development community can count on GFD for a good time once per quarter. Lionhead’s final party was a once in a lifetime opportunity to give a legend, a Guildford games industry lynchpin, the send-off it deserved.

GFD IV was the busiest event we’ve seen so far, a pattern that seems to be repeating with each instalment! We ran out of wristbands before the night was over, which means that we welcomed more than 150 of you through the doors of All Bar One on Friday.

The guest list info has been totted up! It showed us that we had 42 Studios, 11 Service companies and 5 Institutions / Organisations represented. Whether you were hoping to improve links with the local council, share knowledge with like-minded studios or start talking to a service company of just about any discipline – GFD had you covered.

If you have any feedback about what you’d like to see at the next event, we’re all ears. Get in touch using

Finally we’d like to give another shout out to the sponsors that helped make GFD happen. Check out their websites and a little about each of them below;



bluegfx is a leading technology company, supplying 3D, video, storage, workstation, render management, stereoscopic, infrastructure, networking and cloud technologies to the digital media industry. They work with clients to deliver technically innovative, future proof products and services, encompassing training, support and cloud technologies.




Another Place is a London based, free-to-play mobile game studio founded by some of the guys that brought you the award winning ‘Fable’ franchise. It’s their mission to deliver fun and engaging games of the highest possible quality to your mobile phone and tablet.



Media Molecule are a Guildford game development staple, and a proud member of the Playstation Worldwide Studios. After re-defining play with the Little Big Planet and Tearaway franchises, they’ve tasked themselves with creating the next generation of Play, Create and Share for Playstation 4: Dreams



Founded by Adam Billyard (formerly Criterion, and EA) and Bruce Grove (formerly Tellme, Dell XPS, and Onlive), Polystream uses virtual GPU technology running on public cloud services such as Azure, AWS, and Google to deliver a complete gameplay experience on any device. Free from the restrictions and hardware limitations of existing streaming technologies, Polystream seamlessly delivers enhanced marketing and specially created content, playable game demos, early access / BETA trials or even entire games. By offering elastic, scale-on-demand services with no capacity constraints and no need for dedicated hardware, Polystream is built to increase and enhance engagement with the modern streaming audience.


Second GFD event

9th November 2015 |by jourdain | 0 Comments | Events

Time flies when you’re having fun. That must explain why on 10th July an entire evening passed by at breakneck speed as the inaugural Guild For Developers event was held at All Bar One in Guildford.

It was an absolute pleasure to see the industries best & brightest digital minds gathered in one place for a night of networking. Everyone had such a good time that we vowed to hold another get together in just three months time. That time is fast approaching.

On Friday 9th October, All Bar One’s alcohol reserves will once again be drained in a manner directly correlating with the number of digital industry legends in the room.

We’re excited to launch an all-new microsite to coincide with this installment too. Visit to learn more about what GFD is, what we’d like it to be and how you can get involved.

We’ll be sending out invitations this week so keep your eyes peeled. See you on the 9th!