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Guild for Developers is a relaxed event for Guildford’s dev community. It’s an opportunity for our local industry to unwind, catch up with old friends and make some new connections too.

It’s not unusual for us to welcome over 150 games industry professionals to an instalment of GFD. We always make sure that every local studio we know of is well represented.

GFD’s whole ‘thing’ is not having any speakers to listen to, not worrying about buying any drinks and not having your drinks limited to the choice on a set-menu. We really like it that way and we don’t want that to change.

The reason most events aren’t run like GFD is because, well, it’s a really expensive way of doing it!

In our experience, the best way to do something rarely comes cheap. Testology founded GFD and as a QA studio, we’re all about quality in everything that we do. Anyone that can help us on our mission, via sponsorship or otherwise, is a rock star in our book.

If you’d like to get your brand in front of Guildford’s development community, we’ll make sure everyone knows you as ‘the nice people who got the beers in’.


As a sponsor, you could enjoy;

  • Your logo on the GFD landing page, for a full month either side of the event
  • A permanent home for your logo at the bottom of this page as a ‘previous sponsor’
  • A short video or slide about your business, displayed on a projector screen all evening
  • Your studio / business name on the event wristbands
  • Your studio / business name on the event invitations
  • Tickets for up for 4 people from your company to enjoy the evening with us
  • A shout-out on the evening to say thanks again for helping us to make GFD happen

If you’re considering sponsorship of the next event, let’s talk about it! We’re always open to ideas about how else we could make the idea worthwhile for you.

Get in touch with Sam Read, event organiser, to arrange that conversation



At Stevens & Bolton our commitment to quality and continuous improvement underpins everything we do.

Named ‘National/Regional Firm of the Year’ 2016 by Legal Business, we build deep relationships with our clients, whose satisfaction with our service is the only true measure of our success.




Soundcuts is an audio production company specialising in games audio. With 20 years experience we provide ‘all things audio’ for your game: Sound Design – Music – Speech Production – Cutscenes – Implementation. Soundcuts is the premier audio outsourcer!


Bluegfx is a leading technology company, supplying 3D, video, storage, workstation, render management, stereoscopic, infrastructure, networking and cloud technologies to the digital media industry. We work with clients to deliver technically innovative, future proof products and services, encompassing training, support and cloud technologies.


We are the UK’s largest developer and publisher solely focused on creating virtual reality (VR) games and experiences.

We’ve honed our dedicated VR skills by creating multiple games and experiences for all the leading platforms, including SkyDIEving, Perfect Beach and our most recent release, The Assembly.

The world’s first iMessage games publisher. We’re building MojiWorks to be the leading creator of games for chat & messaging platforms


Full Fat is the fastest growing, boutique communications agency for the entertainment and lifestyle sectors.  We deliver bespoke, communications strategies for a diverse roster of clients covering six core divisions; Videogame & Technology, Major Events & Festivals, Food & Drink, Bars, Restaurants & Nightlife, Travel & Tourism and Lifestyle & Fashion.

Founded in 2012 by partners Daniel Walsh, Megan Thomas, Ella McWilliam and Sean Harwood Full Fat is the creative conduit between grassroots entertainment and culture and mainstream brands.  A team of 14 tenacious, unorthodox, passionate communicators delivers world class, award-winning comms campaigns to a global roster of clients.  Proud to be different, we believe that narrative is at the heart of every story and constantly strive to innovate within the space.


Localize Direct – Go global and engage local users around the world. Let your game or app be translated by professional, native-speaking specialist translators. Check today what localization can do for you.

Media Molecule

Renwick Management

Fireproof Studio

Another Place productions

Polystream is an ultra HD application delivery solution; leading the next generation of instantly playable streamed content, delivering a complete gameplay experience on any device..

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